Hope you have a good weekend! This dress last week, I run errands, I love Stuart Weitzman boots match these garters and random give me some advantages. I also like how they extend my body - (I have 5 10 ", but I always like to see a little higher:)), I love with thick. To me it more elegant to let thighs look up, not to mention let them easy to walk in a one million times!

Casual in Stuart Weitzman
When the news broke, Stuart wizz, will open in the Philippines, excited by the female population rang. His shoes, is famous for its high quality, elegant, often from the unique raw materials such as wallpaper, cork, ethylene, synthetic resin, jewelry, and even 24 k gold, has become a Hollywood star's favourite, high society and royalties. Stuart Weitzman now in the Philippines
Kate Middleton in Stuart Weitzman 5050 Corkswoon (Photo courtesy of stuartweitzman-5050.com
The Duchess of Cambridge in Stuart Weitzman Minx wedges (Photo courtesy of stuartweitzman-5050.com))
Miranda Kerr in Stuart Weitzman Privacy ankle-strapped pumps (Photo courtesy of stuartweitzman-5050.com)
Jennifer Aniston in Stuart Weitzman Alex Espadrille Wedges (Photo courtesy of stuartweitzman-5050.com)
Jennifer Aniston in Stuart Weitzman Alex Espadrille Wedges (Photo courtesy of stuartweitzman-5050.com)
More love for the 5050: Leighton Meester, Jennifer Love Hewitt, Lindsay Lohan and Angelina Jolie rock their Stuart Weitzman boots (Photo courtesy of stuartweitzman-5050.com) The opening ceremony of the first flagship store in Manila last August 7, Stuart wizz official iman, Asia's way of life partner, and perform activities, as well as a large organization events, events in 100. Flagship store is located in the prime minister SM aura, and have a complete line - a fancy shoes and bags.
Stuart Weitzman 5050 also carefully selected 15 ambassador to the Philippines, all come from different areas and industries. Them: a large group President sari bark and lifestyle in Asia editor Anna Sobrepena vice President and deputy editor Cheryl tiu, lifestyle fashion columnist and Asian August cover frannie jacinto, protect skin to taste a doctor/a dermatologist Aivee Aguilar - Teo, entrepreneurs Cristalle Belo Henares, model/bankers mikaela Lagdameo - Martinez, model/furniture stylist Jessica Kienle mental health advocates Jerika Ejercito, parenting columnist Audrey Tan - Zubiri, beautiful columnist Ria Francisco - Prieto, corporate bankers Zandra, yoga instructor Marilen Elizalde, and educator Feli Atienza, and singer fernandez.
SM store in season halo feature selection, the choice of life style. Shoes are super cute! And very comfortable. (my heels standing in about 4 hours without sitting, I very good!) Some of us choose to see Stewart wizz flagship SM aura:
Here¡¯s a closeup of my Stuart Weitzman shoe, the Vamp in Petal Nappa. I like it alot because it¡¯s simple, versatile, and can go from casual, every-day to a dressy cocktail event: I have to admit, although this Triboro with golden monkeys (Aivee Teo wear) is a complete loan. Just look at it, it is such a stunner!
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