Van Etten Beach Park

Van Etten Beach Park is located 3 miles from downtown Oscoda on F-41. This park is a fresh water lake that has all the recreation activities for swimming, boating, water skiing, wave running and of course, fishing.


Oscoda County is a well-known destination for bird enthusiasts hoping to add the endangered Kirtland’s Warbler to their life lists. This rare songbird, which nests only in the jack pine barrens of northern Michigan, had declined to less than 400 individuals by 1971. Visit websites :

Beaches & Parks

Offering the finest in peace and serenity in Northern Michigan, AuSable, Oscoda and Greenbush have more than 20-miles of pristine, sandy beaches along the beautiful Lake Huron. Wonderful beaches can also be found on the famous AuSable River, Cedar Lake or Van Etten Lake.

Whether it’s the public beach scene on Lake Huron which gives children fun playground activities and safe shallow water depths… or places to launch a watercraft and take advantage of the warm water temperatures and exciting sand hills along one of our inland lakes… or the tranquility of your own private beach where you can experience the most breathtaking sunrises while staying at one of our lodging facilities… you’ll find Oscoda a place worth returning to year after year. You can visit:

  • Oscoda Beach Park
  • Huron Sunrise Park
  • Van Etten Beach Park
  • AuSable Shoreline Park

Reid Lake Foot Travel

Established as a non-motorized recreational area, the trails are located on gently rolling terrain. The area is excellent for fishing and is open throughout the year.

Hoist Lakes Foot Travel Area

This semi-primitive, non-motorized area offers a network of excellent hiking and cross country ski trails. With over 10,000 acres, the area’s steep rolling hills provide beautiful vistas.

Clark’s Marsh Wildlife Area

Clark’s Marsh is a collection of still woodland ponds and old growth forest. Its flat grassy trails make it a perfect place for visitors to view rare native wildflowers and wild birds.

Eagle’s Nest Overlook

Eagle’s Nest Overlook is one of the most famous overlooks in the Huron National Forest is at Eagle’s Nest. The Nest is just west of the visitor center and has been used by a pair of bald eagle’s since 1985. Rare is the summer day one can’t see eagles soaring over Cooke Pond. The view into the nest is better if you remember to bring binoculars of at least six power.

Tuttle Marsh Wildlife Area

Tuttle Marsh is a 5,000 acre wetland project consisting of over 3 1/2 miles of level ditch network and a 2 1/2 mile low-head dam with water level control structures. 35 earthen nesting islands have been constructed. Site includes a 380 acre impoundment area, open water and marsh and wildlife viewing areas. Deer, fox, coyote, muskrat, beaver, otter, weasel and la larger variety of bird species can be viewed here.

AuSable National Scenic River

The AuSable National Scenic River is a 23-mile portion of the AuSable River that stretches from Mio to Alcona Pond. President Ronald Reagan signed the law establishing the segment of river as a National Scenic River on October 4, 1984. By receiving this designation, this free-flowing segment from below Mio Pond to the upper end of Alcona Pond received national recognition for its outstanding and remarkable scenic.. People have enjoyed the scenic beauty of the AuSable for hundreds of years.

Iargo Springs

Located on the River Road Scenic Byway. This site is considered a holy place by Native Americans. The falls offer a breathtaking view of the AuSable River as well as the ability to walk down 294 steps that take you on a mystical journey.